About Us

Wandering Tree Publications Limited is an independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction work.

Our ethos is simple. Foremost, we want to give customers a great experience by producing quality output at reasonable cost to the consumer. We also aim to build a community who have a voice in steering our output. We'd like to have a conversation with readers about what they want, and we do this by encouraging authors to blog and receive comments from readers, publishing the author blogs on our website.

We aim to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, utilising online only banking and electronic payment. We use Amazon.co.uk to sell ebooks and print on demand services for paperbacks. This means we do not have to use large amounts of paper stockpiling product, nor use energy for heating and lighting a storage facility. While we understand that some readers prefer a physical book, we price our eBooks competitively to encourage users of e-readers. Internally, we utilise electronic storage media where possible.

So please do get involved. You can comment on author blogs using the top menu, leave a review for an individual book on Amazon, or use the ‘Contact Us’ page in the top menu to leave feedback about your reader experience. , or to subscribe to our monthly newsletter using the web form. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Mark and Christina.