The Skipper Goes to War

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A Yorkshire fisherman fights murderous seas and vicious weather as a matter of course. Now he must fight the Third Reich, help the Secret Intelligence Service, and keep his crew alive. Their first missions will test the Skipper and his men. Survival requires courage, tenacity and devotion to duty.

The story follows the crew of a Scarborough trawler as their ship is requisitioned by the Admiralty. Their journey takes them through training and their first missions against the enemy. They must split their time between anti-submarine patrols in the Royal Naval Patrol Service, and support for the Secret Intelligence Service.

The Skipper has to chart a course through the terrible losses of the so-called ‘Phoney War’, the challenges facing Britain as she defies her enemy across the channel, and the unorthodox needs of the ‘Sneaky-Beaky Club’. He needs all his Yorkshire grit and knowledge of northern waters to get the job done and to survive the first gruelling months of war. Then, the invasion of Norway pulls them into a perilous mission, needing bravery and great sacrifice if they are to succeed and survive!

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